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The Most Influential People In The Crypto Industry: RICHARD HEART


Richard Heart (actually Richard Schueler) was born on 9 October 1979 in the USA. He is a businessman, author of the personal development books entitled SciVive and Fix The World, YouTuber and philanthropist. As a well-known speaker, he frequently appears on television, podcasts and video interviews where he shares his knowledge of cryptocurrencies, entrepreneurship, marketing and finance. Heart has been a guest of programs or featured in news articles on CNBC, Forbes, Business Insider, Kitco, Economic Times, CoinTelegraph and others. On his YouTube channel, he shares a wealth of expert knowledge to help viewers avoid scams, especially in the field of cryptocurrencies.

From an early age, Richard Heart was an exceptional child with an above-average intelligence quotient (IQ). He learnt to read as early as the age of three and after two days of attending primary school, his teachers found that he was years ahead of other children in terms of intelligence. As a result, he was enrolled in a school for the gifted, which was characterized by an accelerated teaching mode. In junior high school, Heart was enrolled in a program for advanced learners developed by an MIT graduate in Davie, Florida called MEGSSS (Math Education for Gifted Secondary School Students). During his time in the program, he learned such advanced topics as syllogistic inference, modus ponens and modus tollens. He quickly became interested in computer science, learning at MEGSSS to program in Scheme, the world’s most powerful programming language. He was an exceptionally smart kid who absorbed knowledge like a sponge.

His father repaired air conditioners and distributed newspapers. As a young boy, Richard helped him with both of these jobs. Richard refers to this work as hard because he had to do it in the heat, it was physically strenuous and often required working alone, where you couldn’t talk with anyone. These work experiences later made Richard very sociable and he enjoyed talking to people.

Richard took his first steps in business as a teenager, setting up a home-based car stereo business. With Heart’s love of entrepreneurship, it was not long before he founded an e-commerce platform, an air conditioner manufacturing company and a sex shop. The following years brought him not only new business experience but also his first major financial successes. Heart set up a mortgage lending company, a business dealing with website optimization from the perspective of Web browsers. The latter company became the golden goose bringing in a turnover of $60 million a year.

Heart’s business success led him to retire in the early 2000s. At that time, he came across Bitcoin via Reddit which led to his interest in cryptocurrencies. The fruit of his interest in Bitcoin was the development of HEX, the first Blockchain Certificate of Deposit. HEX has provided millions of dollars in return to many active investors. As a result of this success and in compliance with his philanthropic ideals, Richard is developing PulseChain – an , energy-efficient, faster and cheaper alternative to Ethereum. PulseChain supports the medical research organization and raised as much as $27 million for charitable causes before its launch. Heart’s also working on PulseX, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange on PulseChain blockchain.

Even in the earliest YouTube videos, you can see what Heart cared about from the very beginning – to inspire people to change. In his videos and speeches, he urged people to quit their addictions (drinking, gambling, video games) or invest in medical research. He has helped thousands of people improve their livelihoods and even make millions.

Richard shares his knowledge to help people make money on cryp- tocurrencies. The holders of over 300,000 Bitcoins have minted huge amounts of HEX for free. Heart educates on stopping gambling/spec- ulation, using security-controlled software or cryptocurrency fraud.

He is considered a visionary because he predicted Bitcoin’s value at $20,000 per coin at a time when its price was just $5,000. He also predicted that $20,000 would be the highest price Bitcoin would be able to reach during the 2017/2018 bull market.

Similarly, he predicted the end of the BTC bull market at almost $70,000 in May 2021, while other influencers claimed that the price of Bitcoin would rise to at least $100,000 later that year.

His YouTube channel host a myriad of videos that cover impor- tant, inspiring topics like the need for consensus in politics, convince people to make videos on a positive note, advice on business start- ups, promote medical research, advice on how to be happy or how to fix democracy.

In one of his speeches, Richard Heart disclosed his vision of building a vertically integrated crypto ecosystem. It will consist of HEX: the First Blockchain Certificate of Deposit, PulseChain which is an energy efficient, faster and cheaper version of Ethereum, and PulseX – the largest crypto exchange on the new Blockchain. Heart also mentioned that the new ecosystem will also require a wallet in the future and a method for depositing and withdrawing money between it and traditional banks. And when all these components are in place, Richard Heart will be the founder of a new cryptocur- rency ecosystem independent of Ethereum, Bitcoin and the exchang- es currently operating in the market.

‘I’m not fucking around. I’m here to take over’ – he said in his final conclusions

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