SECURITY: How Not To Lose All Your Money: Scammers & Hackers

Scammers of all kinds will constantly try to get their hands on your private keys. You will receive emails and messages on all sorts of instant messengers telling you that you need to verify your wallet, your account or that your funds are at risk and you now need to go to a certain website and enter your private key.

My email was on a list of addresses that leaked to the Web from Ledger company, one of the manufacturers of crypto wallets. Since I am a customer of Ledger, it is obvious that I own a certain amount of crypto. Since then, I have regularly received emails from various suspicious people and organizations. One of them informed me that my wallet on the Binance exchange was blocked and it required KYC (Know Your Customer) re-verification. I didn’t have a wallet on Binance. I haven’t used the exchange’s services for a long time either. However, the email looked very realistic and it try to scare me of the consequences. I do not know where the Verify Now button at the bottom of the email led to because I have never clicked it. I assume that the scam system will ask for my Binance exchange login and password, private keys or install suspicious software on my computer.

Ask a question about MetaMask on Twitter, for instance, and the scammer bots will immediately generate comments with links to pages that will help you as long as you enter your private key there. Ask for help with anything on the official HEX.COM channel on Telegram and you will quickly find that one of the tens of thousands of participants on that channel is a scammer who will send you a private message claiming to be an official HEX customer service agent. For this reason, Richard Heart and many other influencers in the crypto business entered in their descriptions the information that they would never send you a private message first.

Examples are abundant and could be listed endlessly, but I think it should be clear at this stage that dangers lurk behind every corner and you should not trust anyone.

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