Second Crypto Revolution: Conclusion

I’ve never been a full-time employee person. Taking into account over a dozen of bosses I encountered in my 20+ year long career, I liked only one. Although at that time I did not appreciate how lucky I was. I was always pissed off by the corporate politics and by the fact that at many of workplaces, it was more important to brownnose rather than to present the qualifications and enthusiasm for the job, which I never lacked.

When I started my adventure with cryptocurrencies in 2017, I never thought that in just a few years they would allow me to achieve what I have dreamed of all my adult life. The beginnings were not easy. I did not know how it all worked. I made a lot of mistakes. I did not take profits at the end of the bull market. I was holding paper losses for over two years. I mistakenly bought more cryptocurrencies in the middle of the bear market, thinking that prices would not fall again.

Finding HEX among tens of thousands of other cryptocurrency projects is a bit of coincidence and a bit of luck. After all, if it was not for my friend – Konrad, I may never have discovered Richard Heart and would have missed out on the Second Crypto Revolution. However, early investment in HEX, PulseChain and PulseX is already the result of thousands of hours spent on listening, watching and reading what their founder has to say. Moreover, these are also brave decisions on the verge of gambling and an inner conviction that I know what I am doing and that I must succeed this time.

I vividly remember, as if it was yesterday, when a good friend of mine in Mexico suggested me to sell everything when the value of my investments went up 5 times by mid-2020 and I was observing it in disbelief. Fortunately, I didn’t listen to him and during Q1 of the following year my net worth rose by another 5 times in total multiplying the money I had invested in HEX by 25 times. I still sold almost nothing to multiply my money by another 50 times in the following quarter. About half of this amount was available for immediate sale because the rest was staked.

It was money I never dreamed of and which would allow me to provide for myself and my entire family for the rest of my life. However, I only took a few per cent of the profit and, from today’s perspective, I know that it was far too little. Over the course of the next year, the value of my crypto-assets fell by 95 per cent at the worst time. I sat catatonic at home in Phuket in disbelief, watching HEX, which less than a year ago cost around $0.5, plunge to less than 3 cents.

Despite not selling my last top, I have not lost my relatively newly gained financial freedom and there is no indication that this is about to change in the nearest future. However, new dreams of my own villa with a pool and a Lamborghini in the garage will have to wait for the bull market to return. I have no doubt that it will come again. Taking into account the size of my HEX wallet, the sacrifices on PulseChain and PulseX and assuming everything goes according to plan, I will come out much better off even under a conservative scenario than I could have done in September 2021.

If you got the impression that I was a hopeless fan boy of Richard Heart and his products, you were right. Now at least you know why. The founder of HEX sees no reason why HEX should not increase another 10,000 times from about 5 cents per 1 HEX. The more conservative forecasts of other people in the ecosystem assume multiples of 100-1000x. Richard does not speculate on the price of PulseChain and PulseX. Although taking into account how similar these products behaved in the past, anything between a multiple of at least 500 and 3000x is within reach. Any invested $1,000 could therefore turn into a minimum of $100,000-500,000. The maximum prices are not known to anyone and the market will decide on them.

Are you ready for a Second Crypto Revolution?

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