Since Uniswap is the largest decentralized exchange on the Ethereum network, an exchange on the PulseChain network would also be required. Thus, PulseX was born. As was the case with PulseChain, PulseX created a collection (Sacrifice Phase) where tokens could be sacrificed even before the exchange launch. Each user received a multiplier of max. 2.5x and all those who sacrificed the most were ranked higher. In the last days of the Sacrifice Phase, the bonus factor was at its worst and the user who sacrificed tokens at that time only gained 1.75x.


PulseX (short for PulseChain Exchange) is the main exchange of the PulseChain ecosystem and a copy of the Uniswap exchange with improved features and parameters. Like other decentralized exchanges, such as SushiSwap and Uniswap, PulseX has its own token, PLSX. PulseX enables the exchange of PLS (PulseChain) tokens for PulseX (and vice versa) and the trading of other tokens. The goal of the setting up the PulseX exchange is to trade and maintain liquidity of the ecosystem and to boost the value of tokens. The advantages of the PulseX exchange include: 4-fold the Uniswap bandwidth , the use of Proof of Stake (PoS) and a deflation mechanism that reduces the number of available PLSX tokens with each transaction.

PulseX will also be the world’s largest yield farm. Yield Farming is a process that uses decentralized finance (DeFi) applications to maximize profits. Users lend crypto on the DeFi platform and earn a specific cryptocurrency in exchange for their services. Thanks to the so-called bridges between different blockchains, it is possible to exchange across chains such as Binance Chain, Ethereum or Polygon, allowing DeFi applications to become multi-blockchain and support smart contract functions. As the world’s largest yield farm, PulseX works in the same manner as I described above. Each exchange of one currency for another provides the liquidity provider with a reward. In addition, PulseX users can, through chain bridges, pair their tokens in the Ethereum network with free copies in the PulseChain network to provide liquidity and profit. This action reinforces the value of the token copies they received for free.

How will new users be able to get tokens on PulseX? The first method was by sacrificing resources in the Sacrifice Phase which is now ended. For each sacrifice, users received a certain number of points, proportional to the contribution and sacrifice time, for which they are to get PLSX tokens. The second method will be the direct purchase of tokens in the free market. In addition to PulseX, there will be a second token to encourage liquidity providers. The token will be distributed as a bonus to certain liquidity providers. At the time of writing this book, its name is not known yet.

Therefore PulseX creates opportunities to profit from trading tokens or being a liquidity provider. Due to the fact that cryptocurrencies have the highest rates of return in the world, the return on investment on PulseX can be really high. PulseX provides full transparency: on the platform you will easily see which addresses are trading assets, which address has made a buy or sell transaction and how many tokens are left in its account. You will also be able to make a precise analysis of network activity.


PulseX will be the exchange with the highest liquidity for PulseChain. The initial liquidity will come from a special program (the so-called bot) that will copy the liquidity of tokens from Uniswap, Sushiswap and other popular exchanges at launch. Copies of these tokens will be available on PulseX, which will be joined by new PLS tokens. The best liquidity will attract a large number of investors who will create a large volume. This in turn will attract liquidity providers who make money from it. With centralized liquidity on the exchange, there will be lower fluctuations in token prices.

Fees on PulseX are lower than Ethereum or Bitcoin because it runs exclusively on PulseChain. Richard Heart’s system provides a lower transaction cost (less than $0.01) and takes just three seconds to confirm! This is a 180-degree change because Ethereum fees often cost from a few to several thousand dollars and transaction processing takes from a few minutes to a few hours. Each transaction on PulseX incurs a fee of 0.25% in value, 0.17% goes to liquidity providers, 0.03% is transferred to the PulseX account and for 0.05% PLSX tokens are automatically bought and burned.

It will be possible to stake with PLSX as well as with HEX tokens but without the time-lock feature. Most likely, PulseX will release a staking pool which will be similar to those known from other Ethereum decentralized exchanges such as Pancake Swap and Cake token. PLSX will be able to be stored in MetaMask by switching networks in the wallet making all tokens visible in the wallet.


HEX has been a huge success and has contributed to many investors’ fortunes around the world. Richard Heart is considered by many to be a cryptocurrency genius who does not rest on his laurels, and implements an improved Ethereum: PulseChain and the decentralized PulseX exchange. Through an analysis of various factors, I will attempt to present a couple of expected price scenarios for the PLSX token .

Certainly no one can predict exactly how much one PLSX token will be worth at launch date. One can speculate on this subject, taking into account rationale and case studies of other cryptocurrency projects. The majority of the crypto community claims that PulseX could outperform Uniswap, CAKE and SushiSwap due to its high potential because it has other superior features and innovations. The UNI token owned by Uniswap reached its lowest price of $0.4 on 17 September 2020. UNI recorded its highest price on 3 May 2021 at $45, an increase of more than 10,000%. The other token with a large increase is Pancake Swap (CAKE), which rose more than 400% from $8 to $45 in 2021. Another phenomenal growth was recorded by SushiSwap with the SUSHI token, which rose from $0.5 to $24.

The PLSX token could achieve similar increases to several of its predecessors on other Blockchains:

  • UNI – gain of 10.733% in 229 days,
  • 1INCH – gain of 1.034% in 131 days,
  • SUSHI – profit of 4.936% in 130 days,
  • INJ – gain of 3.814% in 179 days,
  • CAKE – gain of 18.829% in 173 days,
  • SNX – gain of 88.306% in 772 days,
  • LRC – gain of 19.285% in 694 days,
  • RUNE – gain of 267.792% in 601 days.

    What impact will PulseChain and PulseX have on the HEX price? At least three scenarios are possible. Already during the PulseChain’s Sacrifice Phase, HEX reached an all-time high price: $0.56. After the PulseChain launch, we will have two HEXes: one will stay on the Ethereum blockchain under the name eHEX, and the other will be in the PulseChain network and we will call it HEX.

    The first possible scenario will be that the prices of the two HEX tokens will reach parity. The two tokens will rise in the mid to long term, due to the upward trend of HEX and its design. The second scenario will be an increase in HEX price on PulseChain because Richard Heart and all the people associated with the project will focus on promoting their own product independent of the Ethereum network. The eHEX price, on the other hand, will fall due to the lack of project promotion and support by Heart and other Hexicans. Even if this were to happen, although it is unlikely, investors will still not lose out. With one million HEX on the Ethereum network, they will still get one million HEX on the PulseChain network as part of the biggest airdrop ever, which will happen at PulseChain’s launch date. If the PulseChain price goes up 100 times and the Ethereum price goes down 100 times or to the proverbial zero, it was still a good investment after all, looking at it in dollar terms.

Under the third and my favorite scenario, both PulseChain and PulseX will prove to be an incredible success and many early investors will make a huge amount of money from these projects. However, this will not happen without huge price volatility, which HEX on PulseChain will also be subject to. Many users under this scenario would desire to withdraw some profit and put the money they earn into something safe, not necessarily outside the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Where else would they do this if not in eHEX on the Ethereum network, a proven product that has been accruing 38% interest smoothly for more than three years? Under this scenario, PLS, PLSX and eHEX tokens would rise rapidly in value terms and HEX on PulseChain will catch up in a while. If, reading my book, you were wondering whether it was too late to invest and whether eHEX could increase another 10,000 times, you now not only know that it possible, but you also understand how.


Most decentralized exchanges reward liquidity providers with fees and native tokens. In the case of some exchanges like CAKE or SUSHI, the tokens are inflationary (their supply is constantly growing). The revolutionary thing about the PLSX token is that the token will not be subject to inflation, which will translate into a reduced supply of the token in the long term. Due to the fact that PLSX token supply will decline , the coin price will show an upward trend, which is why it can outperform the aforementioned tokens.


In the analysis concerning the PLS and PLSX token prices, it is important to consider the forecast of investor behavior. Investors will apply two philosophies: they will trade in tokens or hold them as long-term investments.

Some investors will exchange PLSX for other tokens while others will stake on long-term investments. Some investors will undoubtedly combine both methods, selling some of the tokens outright and putting aside a certain pool of funds for longterm investments. For now, this is speculation based on my experience of investing into HEX and previously into other cryptocurrencies, but I cannot predict what the sentiment of PulseX users will be. The huge interest in the Sacrifice Phase which culminated in the sacrifice of around a billion dollars bodes well for the future! This is a testimony of the confidence in Richard Heart’s next project, giving high hopes for the future.

It is difficult to find any snags about PulseX that would raise concern of crypto investors. PulseX’s tokenomics have been well thought out and designed to make the token value grow. The combination of great tokenomics and the community’s confidence in HEX means that PulseX can outperform Uniswap, CAKE and SUSHI in the first year of operations.

PulseX will be launched on a completely new chain and will be characterized by unique features. The potential to become one of the largest yield farms ever will ensure that it has a large investor base. The PulseX exchange will be highly liquid with a ‘fixer bot’ scheme. This will make PulseX the most widely used and liquid PulseChain exchange. Low transaction fees compared to Ethereum and Bitcoin will attract small and large investors who will use PulseX, flying to the exchange like moths to a flame. Another rationale for PulseX’s success is the 10,000-fold increase of HEX price. Many digital currency developers have promised similar increases but few have succeeded.

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