Is HEX safe?

HEX has undergone two independent security audits by reputable companies – and and one economic audit. All three audits were passed and the auditors found no gross irregularities. HEX’s security is governed by a code that cannot be modified which sets it apart from many other cryptocurrencies. The HEX code is public and anyone can verify it.

Bitcoin had two bugs that allowed any number of free Bitcoins to be minted. The first bug minted 184,000,000,000,000 BTC, making Andresen and Nakamoto remove the transaction from the block and roll back the blockchain. The next error was discovered by a Bitcoin Cash developer. Thanks to his honesty, it was possible to fix the error, which could have resulted in the collapse of Bitcoin and perhaps the entire cryptocurrency system.

HEX is up and running and error-free which also translates into its model security. It should be noted that the HEX website has never been hacked. If, for instance, the main interface for staking,, ceased to exist, this would not affect the functioning of HEX because users can interact with the contract through multiple independent interfaces. HEX is an icon of security in the crypto industry.

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