If you have read my book this far, it should be clear that your future wallet should consist of four products to start with:

  • (e)HEX based on the Ethereum blockchain,
  • HEX based on the PulseChain blockchain
  • PLS – native PulseChain token
  • PLSX – native token of the PulseX exchange

    In the future, I would keep a close eye on Richard Heart’s next ventures, such as an incentive token for PulseX liquidity providers unnamed at the time of writing this book, a crypto wallet (alternatives to MetaMask and others), a solution for direct collaboration between traditional banks and PulseChain network-based products and others when something is known about them. Richard once mentioned an option of setting up an investment fund, bringing together companies/organizations working on a capability of extending human life as well as setting up his own very liberal state that would follow the principles of a special economic zone.

    Here are a few other pointers to start making money with the Second Crypto Revolution:
  • Start investing in crypto by opening an account on Bitstamp, one of the largest, popular and easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • There are many wallets for handling cryptocurrencies. One of the most popular and best wallets to handle Ethereum and PulseChain- based products is MetaMask. This should be your second step as a novice crypto investor.
  • You can buy HEX by swapping USDC or ETH in your MetaMask wallet by connecting it to or by using
  • Staking(freezing)tokens to generate interest is completely voluntary and optional. You can handle staking by connecting MetaMask to
  • As I write these words PulseChain and PulseX have not yet been launched. The chapter ‘How to make money with the Second Crypto Revolution’ in my book guides you in detail how to buy PulseChain and PulseX and how to handle the whole system based on the version 3 of the test net. The live version of PulseChain and PulseX should be similar enough for you to figure out everything on your own based on my test net guidance.
  • We cannot accurately predict whether it is possible to make the greatest amount of money in the fastest way by investing in PulseChain, PulseX or perhaps in HEX on one or both blockchains. Having, let’s say, $10,000 at my disposal, I would invest equally in eHEX, HEX, PLS and PLSX, buying tokens of each type for the equivalent of $2,500, and then wait patiently for the next bull market….

    Read more in my book ‘Second Crypto Revolution: Build Generational Wealth With Richard Heart’s Crypto Ecosystem“.

    ‘Second Crypto Revolution’ is now also available as an audiobook! Click here to listen!

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