How Does HEX Work?

Investors operate like a mint and create new coins in exchange for holding HEX on a term deposit for a set period of time. When the contract ends, the HEX contract mints new coins that repay the holder. A HEX staker is akin to a Bitcoin miner without the need to invest in expensive equipment and electricity. HEX offers an annual interest rate of around 36%, depending on the duration of the contract and the number of investors staking their money. Receiving such a high rate of return is possible if the average duration of our investment is minimum 6.5 years (as of March 2023).

High returns are possible because the rate of return offered is in HEX and not, for instance, in US dollars. A HEX deposit is therefore much more profitable than one with a traditional bank. Investors earn interest, oscillating from 3.69% (if 99% of the total supply is staked) to 369% (if only 1% of the total supply is locked in) and from the change in the price of the HEX token which, despite many even 90% temporary dips invariably shows an upward trend.

There are also no intermediaries for the Richard Heart’s product, such as banks, financial institutions, governments, companies or other people. It is an independent code interacted with by a community of investors who manage the tokens and the entire ecosystem. In HEX, you are the central bank printing your own money.

HEX offers unique benefits such as true ownership, divisibility, convertibility, anonymity, relatively easy storage, very easy tradability or resistance to inflation. HEX was developed by the software developers who created Ethereum’s code and fixed its bugs, resulting in higher quality code that is a single, permanent, smart Blockchain-based contract. Even if Richard Heart dies, this will not stop HEX and it will continue to operate. There is no central entity in control of HEX, you are the true owner of your HEX with your private keys.

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