HEX’s Revolutionary Marketing

It is worth noting that HEX stood out from the start with its carefully planned branding, that is brand identity. The first version of the HEX.COM website was designed to look like an obvious scam. Its flashy design was meant to attract the attention of investors susceptible to real scams and losing money on them. Heart argued that an investor would be quicker to invest in something that sparkles like jewels than in a product that looks like a boring financial offer. This argument also fitted in with Heart’s wider philosophy that such design helps to protect people from fraud. Rather than investing in a real scam, its potential victims could instead invest in HEX.

The HEX logo and name refer to the hexagon, which often appears in science fiction films. The name is short, monosyllabic and easy to pronounce and spell, so it is impossible to mispronounce. Bitcoin, on the other hand, poses problems when pronouncing and spelling the name, and can be confused with Bitscoin, Bit coins or Bit-corn. The color scheme of the HEX logo provides maximum contrast, making it stand out from other cryptocurrency sites. The three hexagons in the logo symbolize the growth of the investment, and the web address HEX.COM has the same length as BITCOIN without the domain. HEX is not a company, so it does not have a marketing department and does not run standard advertising campaigns.

Thanks to HEX, hundreds of people have become millionaires or even billionaires, swapping an often mediocre life full of financial problems or a middle class life for living in clover. This is how a community of ‘Hexicans’ or investors emerged. They came to trust HEX, becoming the main marketing fuel for the platform and Richard Heart’s legacy. The Hexicans, carry out a lot of advertising activities that translate into growing interest in the system.

One of the community activities is the development of websites dedicated to HEX, such as: or The former site provides information on tokens, the rules of the ecosystem and there is an opportunity to receive free advice. Look Into HEX, on the other hand, is something for chart lovers. There we can, among other things, compare the return on investment in the early years of BTC, HEX, ETH, preview the current liquidity of the coin or the speed of adoption by users.

The website and show that there are now around 100 YouTubers who regularly make videos about HEX and Richard Heart’s future projects, which is a powerful brand asset. Other community developed sites include:,,,, and many others.

Richard has over 150K subscribers on Youtube and over 250K followers on Twitter. The main chat about HEX.COM on Telegram has around 50K members, and there are more channels dedicated to HEX.

Another effort by Hexicans to promote the brand was to take out HEX adverts in the London Evening Standard newspaper, The Economist magazine, on the British Underground and on buses in Birmingham. The HEX logo also began to appear on the British taxis. At a certain point of time HEX was almost everywhere, it was popping out of the fridge.

The Hexicans, without any support on the part of Richard, pooled together for a car and driver to represent HEX in the 2022 NASCAR Daytona 500 raising $600,000 in one week. At one of the car events in the USA, Lamborghini Huracan EVO in HEX colors won first place as the fastest car, reaching 375 km/h. Subsequent cars of the same brand represented HEX in local races in the UK.

Richard Heart also met with Hexicans during an organized road trip around Europe. He announced the location of the meetings at the last moment on his social media to ensure his safety. He visited, among other things, Warsaw, Prague and Amsterdam. I managed to celebrate HEX’s 2nd birthday in London and had dinner with Richard Heart in exchange for financial support for the documentary ‘The Highest of Stakes’. The documentary will tell the story of the HEX founder, his product and it will be a thrilling movie that makes one’s blood curdle on the scale of the best thrillers.

One of the examples of HEX’s non-standard marketing is Heart’s purchase of the world’s largest polished diamond called ‘The Enigma’. The diamond is believed to be two billion years old. It is a 555.55 carat diamond with 55 facets. Richard renamed it to The HEX.COM Diamond. Heart bought it for $4.28 million. Judging by the publicity it gained, it is fair to say that this was a deliberate part of the promotion of HEX.COM.

In mid-2022, when it was already clear to everyone that the cryptocurrency market was in a deep slump, Richard launched a marketing campaign to outrage as many people as possible and thus draw attention to the system he was developing. The Web has been flooded with photos and videos where Richard boasts of a watch collection worth almost $10 million, new supercars from Lamborghini, Ferrari and Mercedes or branded clothes from designers such as Versace, Louis Vuitton and Prada. In a number of speeches, he has regularly boasted that he is the proud owner of a large penis….

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