HEX Celebrates Four Years Of Flawless Operation

On December 2nd, 2023, HEX celebrated its fourth birthday. This milestone marks a remarkable journey of innovation, growth, and community building. From its humble beginnings as a revolutionary blockchain-based product, HEX has evolved into a thriving ecosystem that empowers its users to achieve financial freedom.

HEX was created by Richard Heart, a visionary entrepreneur and blockchain pioneer. In 2019, Heart introduced HEX as a unique cryptocurrency that rewards its holders for locking up their tokens for a fixed period. As such HEX is the first Certificate of Deposit (one of the most popular products in traditional finance) put on the blockchain. Locking up HEX tokens can be compared to mining Bitcoin without the need of buying expensive hardware and paying high electricity bills.

You can mine HEX by running its code on your computer or phone once and waiting anywhere from 1 to 5555 days, you choose how long. Then you can mint your rewards by running the code again. You earn larger rewards based on how long you commit to wait. Longer Pays Better. The APY for HEX mining of average length is 38% (paid in HEX). It’s a fully decentralized financial product where you mint your own rewards with no involvement of any middlemen or a minimum investment required.

HEX’s vibrant community is a testament to the project’s enduring appeal. Hexicans, as HEX community members are known, are passionate about the project’s potential to transform the financial landscape. The HEX community has grown steadily, with Hexicans actively engaging in discussions, sharing knowledge, and creating various tools supporting the original product such as,, and to name just a few. 

HEX is the only cryptocurrency with its own conferences and meet-ups (both online and in real life), educational courses, books written about it, and even a full-length feature movie – The Highest of Stakes, which premiered in the cinemas in August 2023 and on many popular streaming platforms last month.

As HEX enters its fourth year, the future looks bright. The project continues to attract new users (almost 600,000 at the time of writing), and its underlying technology remains at the forefront of blockchain innovation. With its innovative approach, dedicated community, and unwavering commitment to financial freedom, HEX is poised to continue making significant contributions to the cryptocurrency space.

To learn more about HEX, visit its official website: HEX.COM

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